Fortune 1000 RoundWorld-ICCG CXO Interview Panel: Jeremy Foster, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President of Analytics at Kasasa

We are proud to present ICCG Close-Up, sponsored by RoundWorld Solutions. ICCG Close-Up is a Fortune 1000 CXO Interview Panel Series that focuses on Governance, Big Data, Supply Chain Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, and Portfolio Management – where C-Level executives share their views on their main areas of priority, the challenges associated with those areas, and their future plans to address those challenges.
ICCG (Industry Council for Competitiveness and Globalization) is a 501C (6) non-profit organization with a network of CXOs/professionals dedicated to identifying, sharing, and establishing strategies to compete in a global economy.

ICCG’s objectives include cultivating communications and networking opportunities amongst its members, defining and establishing best practices and ethical standards, and creating & maintaining a link between business leaders and devising global strategies. These objectives are accomplished through events, presentations, roundtables, focus groups, and committees organized and sponsored by ICCG. One of ICCG’s missions is to serve underrepresented communities and the people who live within those communities. The ICCG network accomplishes this mission by leveraging its relationships and network to help build better local business ecosystems, ensure future local job growth, and create local internship opportunities.

As part of these ongoing initiatives, The Industry Council for Competitiveness and Globalization (ICCG) hereby releases the Fortune 1000 CXO Interview Panel with expert knowledge on Big Data & Analytics by Jeremy Foster, CFO & EVP of Analytics at Kasasa. This CXO video interview features panelist, Jeremy Foster, CFO & EVP of Analytics at Kasasa, and addresses issues surrounding the effect of Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics technologies within the finance sector. When asked about his role and how it relates to both technological and business prerogatives, Jeremy Foster states, “Kasasa has a branded cooperative marketing strategy that allows community banks and credit unions to pool their resources to compete against the mega banks. With approximately 700 clients, a big focus for us it to be able to standardize our data and be able to access that data to help clients leverage it in new and better ways.” When asked about how the analytics Kasasa has implemented has changed their business, Jeremy Foster further explains, “We have had some dramatic changes over the last few years. Five years ago, we were using Microsoft Access, running Excel reports, and sending clients 16 to 24 page reports. In our world today, we have standardized a significant chunk of that (data). We have implemented a business intelligence platform that our clients can access for self-service, where they can drill down and play with their own information and do a comparative analysis. We have had a very large automation focus last year to get to the point where all of those are now on demand.”

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“Our Fortune 1000 CXOs have a unique platform to share, promote, and exchange best practices in many domains of knowledge that are transferrable and adaptable, so that the CXOs can learn from each other and not have to reinvent the wheel,” says Ajay Sarkar, who heads ICCG ( along with Round world Solutions( At the heart of the ICCG ( Fortune 1000 CXO Video Vault is the library of CXO wisdom on various topics from Big Data to Data Governance in various industry verticals such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Finance, and Retail. These short and informative videos incorporate a global perspective with local flavor and focus.

When asked about how his priorities have been influenced by security concerns around Kasasa’s offerings and services to its customers, Jeremy Foster, CFO & EVP of Analytics at Kasasa explains, “Today, we are very cautious about accessing P.I.I. (Personal Identifying Information) and obviously building out the securities to handle all of that has dramatically changed our approach to the market. As of today, we do have to manage permissions. We have to keep individual institution’s data secure and also simultaneously private. Yet, we have to pool that data in ways that institutions can do benchmarking against similarly profiled institutions. All of this translates to some pretty meaningful permissions management and security constraints that we track. We are SOX2 compliant and go through SOX2 audits. Obviously, PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance requires a different level of effort.”

When asked to provide tips on how to improve the relationship between I.T. and other departments, Jeremy Foster discusses, “That relationship really depends on a whole lot of trust and transparency. Some interactions between I.T. and Finance Departments are more functional and transactional in nature. That part is fairly easy, I believe, for most businesses as long as one understands both the financial constraints that the business operates under as well as understanding the technological needs of the business. A lot of times where the CFOs can go wrong is to pinch pennies and/or burn dollars by not making sure there is sufficient infrastructure to be able to support their client base or to dole out for growth. So, finding the right balance there is not too tricky as long as you have good communication going forward. The challenge for us, regardless of your function within the organization, is to not only make sure that everyone on your team understands what the ultimate objective is but that each team member also has a good understanding of how their piece feeds into the ultimate objective.”

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