Big Data – Redefining Care for Better Outcomes

Big Data initiatives have the potential to transform healthcare, as they have revolutionized other industries. By utilizing Big Data, not only can providers reduce costs, but also could save millions of lives and improve patient outcomes. Healthcare stakeholders that take the lead in investing in innovative data capabilities and will not only gain a competitive advantage but will lead the industry to a new era.

Today’s healthcare executive is looking for a wide variety of data in order to reduce costs and improve outcomes including: quality, cost, patient experience, and revenue information all in one place. They need tools and integrated, consolidated views of data to help their organization thrive and grow.

But with so many Big Data products on the market promising so much, how can the healthcare executive find the right mix of tools to accomplish those goals. The first key is to find a data collection tool that is intuitive and can validate and eliminate duplicate data. The ability to get accurate data in a timely manner is absolutely essential to the success of any Big Data initiative.

The next key is to clearly identify objectives of the Big Data initiative. A solid business imperative is an absolute must when defining a Big Data strategy. One of the best ways to clearly define those initiatives is through an industry specific template design process. By completing the template design process of setting specific goals to determine future state, getting a baseline of where they are today, and mapping out the methods to get to your desired future state you can ensure the success of your big data initiatives.

The last key is to choose a visualization tool that is robust enough to get the healthcare C-Level executive the data they need, flexible enough to allow each individual executive to be able to access data and reports that is relevant to them, and intuitive enough to enable executives to easily pull the right data, on the right device to get the results they need.

RoundWorld Solutions 360 degree view of Big Data in healthcare can help that C-Level executive get the right information, delivered by the right tool, on the right device at the right time. Our unique 3 layer Big Data tool set – a flat file format based data collector and validator, executive templates, and our top layer visualization tool allows healthcare providers to consolidate and access their data to truly unlock the power of Big Data and capitalize on the vast knowledge they have acquired and collected in those siloed applications.

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