Big Data-Security: CXO Perspectives

This video is a collection of snippets from various CXO’s talking about data security in their respective organization. The reverberating theme and insight is about data security, data integrity and data accuracy.

Ken Lawonn, CIO, Sharp Healthcare Systems
“Security is a significant aspect of the data governance measures at Sharp Healthcare Big Data initiatives. Appropriate access to a wide audience is the final objective.”
“Balancing the access and restriction of information with appropriate controls is an ongoing challenge.”
“We need to evolve robust control mechanisms as we engage with customers based on data usage patterns.”

Shanji Xiong, Senior VP of Data Analytics, Experian
“Data accuracy and security are the most important aspects of our data governance strategy.”
“We have security measures adopted across the organization from a centralized to local level access to data in a systematic way.”
“A well-defined process for security issues with constant employee training and updates to security processes are keys to our success.”

David Silberstein, Senior VP Data Analytics, Leidos Health
“Identification of bad actors in the electronic medical record access is one of the key initiatives at Leidos Health.”
“We are bringing in technologies used in our NSA engagements to address the cyber data security issues.”
“We constantly monitor the access logs from a security perspective for example in the electronic medical records (EMR) to see the data usage patterns and apply various techniques penetration testing and other security measures to protect our EMRs.”

Cassi Birnbaum, President and Board Chair of AHIMA
“Regardless of the sizeable and well publicized data security breaches, particularly younger population is more willing and open to share personal information.”
“Improving population health is about putting consumer in the driving seat to share and consume information which requires many levels of security measures to make it open enough but at the same time have enough security measures to shield from misuse and abuse of information from bad actors.”

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