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Data GovernanceBig Data/Business intelligenceSupply Chain AnalyticsEnterprise MobilityPortfolio ManagementRisk Management


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Interview Goal and Purpose:

As part of our effort to help CXOs identify, share, and establish strategies to compete in a global economy, ICCG will be conducting 100 interviews, ranging from 15-30 minutes, of Fortune 1000 CXOs during 2015. The goal of the interviews will be to understand the CXOs area of focus, the challenges associated with that area, and their future plans to address those challenges.

Benefits to Participating CXOs:

  • 1. Creation of a virtual CXO interactive knowledge pool
  • 2. Highly scaled shared resources
  • 3. Learn from each other
  • 4. Not have to reinvent the wheel

At the conclusion of the interviews, ICCG will be compiling the results into an Issue and industry specific report to share with all of the interviewees emphasizing common interests and future plans associated with those interests across industries.

We have a distinguished panel of executives consisting of IT Executives, journalists, and business professionals.

Tina Lai Liedtky Vice President, Global Marketing & Product Development, Alere

Video Spotlight: Tina Lai Liedtky
Vice President, Global Marketing & Product Development, Alere

Highlights from the Video:

Big trends in Information Access at Alere:
“The motto we have at Alere is the idea that knowing now matters, meaning that having immediate and actionable information can better improve clinical and economic outcomes.”

On achieving business goals:
“I think that the overarching challenge that we have in healthcare today, whether you are a clinician, an administrator, or a marketer like myself, is how to deliver higher quality at lower costs. What that means for us as marketers is that you need to very clearly describe and articulate the value proposition of our products and services to our customers. We need to make them understand why it is that if they take our solution, they will end up w/better outcomes over time.”

Top Priorities for 2016:
“That is a really great question and it was a little bit of both. So, it was a strategic discussion because I think everyone has an awareness that we need to improve our pricing. The problem that we faced is that we don’t have the right systems in place to allow us to analyze the data that we have. It’s really difficult to do something if we can’t measure it. One of the things that we realized is that we need better systems. Alere certainly is a fantastic company and has grown over the years through many acquisitions. Usually what happens in this sort of situation is that you get a lot of sites with different legacy systems and it’s difficult to harmonize those systems. It takes a lot of manpower, time, and effort in order to do so. One of the things that we need to do is to put the infrastructure in place so we can get the data and be able to analyze it.”

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Our Interview Panel

Ken Lawonn Sharp HealthcareKen Lawonn – Chief Information Officer, Sharp Healthcare In his role as CIO of Sharp Healthcare he is responsible for continuing to move Sharp forward in the implementation of advanced technologies to support the transformation of healthcare through the Sharp Experience. He joined the Sharp team in February 2014.Ken has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare technology leadership. Prior to joining Sharp, Lawonn served as the senior vice president for strategy and technology at Alegent Creighton Health in Omaha, NE. Under his leadership, Alegent was recognized as a leader in the deployment of technology to support integrated clinical care. Lawonn also served as the vice president and chief information officer for Banner Health in Fargo, ND

marc zecca schneider electricMark Zecca, PhD – Senior Executive Director Information Technology for North America Schneider Electric 30 Year Information Technology Professional, 12 years as Chief Information Officer of Medical Device and Industrial Tool Manufacturer, 16 years of SAP Implementation Experience, Former Vice President of Engineering for PeopleSoft/Oracle ERP/CRM Systems, Former Managing Director of System’s Operations at American Airlines Sabre, 15 years experience in manufacturing technology systems, 34 Year Navy/Coast Guard Combat Veteran.

ellis booker informationweekEllis Booker of InformationWeek Ellis Booker is a familiar name in the computer trade press, where he held senior editorial posts at a number of A-list IT publications, including CMP’s [now UBM’s] InternetWeek, Mecklermedia’s Web Week and IDG’s Computerworld. At Computerworld, he led the paper’s Internet and electronic commerce coverage in the early days of the Web and was responsible for creating its weekly Internet Page. Most recently, Booker was editor-in-chief of Crain Communication Inc.’s BtoB, the only magazine devoted to covering the intersection of business strategy and business marketing. He ran BtoB, as well as its sister title Media Business, for a decade.

ellis booker informationweekEmi Hara, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at RoundWorld Solutions Ms. Hara brings over 20 years of Executive Management experience into the IT industry with a focus on Strategy Development and Business Development. Ms. Hara brings a wealth of experience across industries such as finance, healthcare, banking, education, and manufacturing. Emi’s experience includes senior management roles for several Fortune-1000 companies such as – GMAC Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and The Mortgage Banking Group of McGlinchey, Stafford, Youngblood and Bendalin, LLC.

ina Lai LiedtkyTina Lai Liedtky Vice President, Global Marketing and Product Development at Alere Tina Lai Liedtky is Vice President, Global Marketing and Product Development at Alere, a leading point-of-care diagnostics company. Tina leads the strategic marketing function for the largest business unit of Alere, and is responsible for setting and executing long-term growth strategies in the cardiometabolic space. She has a track-record of success in building, growing, and managing multi-million dollar businesses for small- and large-cap medical device companies.

Prior to Alere, Ms. Liedtky held various global leadership roles at Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Covidien, and Lombard Medical, leading teams to develop and commercialize breakthrough innovations across a variety of therapies and technologies.

Ms. Liedtky graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton University and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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