ICCG Fortune 1000 CXO Interview Panel: Cassi Birnbaum, AHIMA

We are proud to present ICCG Close-Up, sponsored by RoundWorld Solutions. A Fortune 1000 CXO Interview panel on Governance, Big Data, Supply Chain Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, and Portfolio Management – where C-Level executives share their views on their main areas of focus, the challenges associated with that area, and their future plans to address those challenges. Featured in this episode is:
Cassi Birnbaum
President and Board Chair
AHIMA – American Health Information Management Association

On Healthcare Data Analytics:
Huge challenge in moving from volume based medicine to value based medicine and healthcare and the fact that data transforming from information to knowledge is critical to fueling all of these initiatives. We can’t improve population health unless we get it right for that patient.

Now I feel like we are drowning in data, just trying to look at how we can best control, standardize, exchange, and assure that we have the right information at the right time when care is being provided.

On the available talent pool for BI in Healthcare:
If you don’t have good data going into the process as well as very sophisticated systems, and the systems are just evolving now to really do the high end analytics that are necessary and there aren’t a lot of people who have the skill set to move the data and deal with these huge systems.

Top 2 Goals of AHIMA:
Information Governance – AHIMA has spent many years on Data Governance. Need a broader initiative to focus on the clinical side of healthcare, broadened the concept to Information Governance, Data Governance is just one piece of that puzzle.

Health Informatics – The umbrella for the standards, interoperability, ICD 10.0 transition, which is so necessary to build true BI initiatives.

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