ICCG 2014 Summer Healthcare & Life Sciences Event

San Diego, CA –June 12, 2014 – The Industry Council for Competitiveness & Globalization (ICCG), a 501 c(3) nonprofit corporation, held its Quarterly Event on June 12, 2014 at the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach CA.   The focus of the meeting was to bring together CIO’s of Southern California Healthcare and Life Sciences companies to explore collaboration and innovation in the New Healthcare eco-systems – including understanding the AHA/Obamacare, Post-Reform best practices, and the main theme of the event: Mobility from a multitude of perspectives – including how to properly secure, access, and utilize Big Data to create better outcomes.

Host and ICCG board member Gary Miner launched the meeting with a call to action that “IT has got to shift from being a cost center to a profit center.  There is no question in my mind that the shift has to happen now because of the economic shifts within the entire healthcare organizations.”  The items discussed and the working groups created during the meeting were designed with this goal in mind.

Founder of ICCG AJ Sarkar added “Our goal is to create a better local Business eco-system for southern California, something which exits in the Silicon Valley. And we are trying to do this by enhancing the exiting Business eco-systems, by making it more agile, dynamic, and more vertically focused towards southern California economy; so the next generations have a competitive-edge and consistent job growths, in the next decade, in this ever changing highly globalized world”.

The event was co-chaired by Ken Lawson, CIO of Sharp Healthcare and Jeannette Sanchez, CIO of AMN Healthcare.  Ken stated that IT must become an “enabler and transformer of the business and help drive costs out of the organization, create efficiencies, and create better outcomes.  It needs to move away from ‘we’re spending all this money on IT’ to where the investments we are making in IT are really driving value.”

Jeanette Sanchez added about the conference: “I think the dialog is great, at the end of the day this is all about how multiple healthcare systems, patient information, service providers, and vendors all come together, how we interoperate, and how we exchange very critical patient level information.”

Speakers for the event included Dr. Willa Fields, DNSc, RN, past President of HiMSS, who spoke on the reasons healthcare has lagged behind other industries in the adoption of information technology to create better outcomes and Rick Hambrick, VP of Enterprise Architecture – Leidos Health.  Rick discussed Master Data Management and how to consolidate Big Data into meaningful business intelligence.

Following the keynote speakers Deloitte Consulting gave a detailed presentation on the AHA and post reform best practices.  The Deloitte team consisted of Amit Agarwal – Principle, Life Sciences and Juli Moran – Director Lead Client Service Partner – Life Sciences.  They outlined the challenges healthcare organizations face in today’s regulatory environment.  Mr. Agarwal  kicked off his presentation on the main challenge facing health care providers today.  “Let’s look at the brass tax.  It just costs too much today.”  That challenge, according to Ms. Moran, “is where there’s a huge opportunity for how technology can foster some of these new business services where there’s a big gap right now.  If you look at some of these convergence opportunities to impact patient care that’s where enabling technology getting it in the hands of both the provider and the patient and getting them better connected and better collaborated is a significant opportunity for new businesses as well as driving costs down and improving quality.”

The afternoon presentations were focused on mobility and how it is essential in healthcare.  The discussions were kicked off by Enterprise Mobility Keynote Speaker Robbie Sharvah who focused on the need to provide the patient the ability to carry their own easily understandable records and how mobility must take center stage moving forward. It can’t be just another tool that’s used to solve a single problem in an institution.

After Mr. Sharvah’s presentation Rowan Christmas – Principal, Deloitte Digital took the stage to discuss specific applications and ideas for healthcare providers to utilize mobility to create better outcomes and increase efficiency. He discussed a specific healthcare organization that “has an app that takes all of the data that you’ve uploaded from a variety of sources and then that is the point where you ask for authorization and it uploads it tot their cloud.  I believe every healthcare provider is going to have a similar app.”

During the event an MDM/Big Data Group was formed that will be chaired by Rick Hambrick – VP of Enterprise Architecture, Leidos Health.  The first meeting of this group will be held on July 23rd.

The fall ICCG CIO summit is being targeted for October 23rd.  The meeting will be focused on continuing the dialog around mobility and the topic of Governance.  Please look for further information of the event in the following weeks.

Lastly, ICCG is forming a Manufacturing Group.  The first meeting of this group will be held August 14th and will be co-chaired by Robert Van Heyningen (VP of Business Development, Flextronics) and Ravi Gopinath (President, Invensys Software).

For more information on ICCG and it’s events, please visit our website at www.iccgusa.com

About ICCG:

ICCG Mission

“Establish a forum for stakeholders in the local community to support and nurture high tech and other key industries that contribute to the competitiveness of our region and fuel economic growth.”

ICCG (Industry Council for Competitiveness and Globalization) is a 501C (3) non-profit organization that focuses on critical business issues, local job growth in a Global economy. ICCG is a network of professionals from the Southern California Coastal and Inland area dedicated to identifying, sharing, and establishing strategies to compete in a global economy. ICCG provides a platform to exchange ideas, share best practices, and network to maximize the abilities of business leaders to leverage global resources. ICCG is an assembly of the C-level executives from the leading Healthcare and Life Sciences companies in the Orange County and San Diego region. ICCG is focused on actionable contributions our members make to enhance and improve the economic climate of the Southern California region. The diverse membership of ICCG brings in talent, vision and pragmatic solutions to help assure Southern California to be a ‘thought and practice’ leader in cutting edge technologies. In addition, the goal of ICCG organization is to promote networking and educational events throughout the year, provide access to expert counsel and business development support to companies and individuals, and to optimize and sharpen their business plan to compete in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

The ICCG CIO forum event is sponsored by RoundWorld Solutions (RWS) (www.roundworldsolutions.com). RWS provides expertise in IT Strategy and Architecture, Software Development, Business Intelligence, IT staffing, and IT expertise solutions. RWS prides in providing a governance layer that ensures operational visibility and project execution.


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