Becky’s House® and the YWCA of San Diego

A few months back, the ICCG invited its members to become more involved in a noble initiative serving the San Diego area,

“The Becky’s House Domestic Violence Program supports the individual’s journey from victim to survivor to achiever. The program includes a 30-day domestic violence emergency shelter, three 18-month transitional living programs and our new scattered Transition in Place program for victims of domestic violence and their families.”

CIO’s from 10 of San Diego’s leading Healthcare and Life Science corporations joined the ICCG in a meeting with the YWCA principals along with a tour of the facilities and an in-depth look into the benefits of “Becky’s House” and its commitment to the community. ICCG-member and CareFusion’s CIO, Michael Zill, followed with an impromptu fund-raiser that brought in more than $17K for “Becky’s House” from IT groups, vendors and CareFusion. For more information, please visit Becky’s House.

RWS and ICCG are also working with the San Diego YWCA on developing several programs that eligible candidates will be able to participate in. ICCG member companies are designing springboard programs including Mentorship, Talent Acquisition/Internship Program and Technology Skills Training Programs to offer YWCA members.

Ms.Heather Finlay, CEO of YWCA San Diego speaks at ICCG Forum on Nov 7th 2013