ICCG Fortune 1000 CXO Interview Panel: Ashwin Rangan, CIO ICANN

The Industry Council for Competitiveness and Globalization (ICCG) releases the Fortune 1000 CXO Interview Panel with expert knowledge on Technology, Leadership, and Innovation by Ashwin Rangan, Chief Innovation Officer & CIO of ICANN. This video by Ashwin Rangan of ICANN addresses issues surrounding Data Governance, Innovation, and International Connectivity. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a nonprofit organization that is responsible for operating the Internet’s DNS and Internet protocols.

ICANN maintains the security of the internet and maintains its interoperability on a global basis. When asked about his role and how it relates to both technology and business processes, Ashwin Rangan eloquently states, “Many organizations rely deeply on technology to fulfill their charters.

Increasingly, the impact of technology is being felt in all areas of the business. Today, no part of the business can be isolated or insulated from the impact of technology. Innovation is about coming up with new services that benefit the communities that we serve. ICANN looks at how technology can be interlaced with making those services more efficient.”

Mr. Rangan further discusses how companies encourage innovation. “The single most important criteria is the ability to participate in business discussions and to further understand how the business can be improved. It’s not about exposing what we know about the technology. It’s more about aligning the technology with the business imperatives.”

When asked about how he deals with so many competing interests across the globe, Ashwin Rangan, Chief Innovation Officer & CIO of ICANN explains, “Besides the different values, cultures, and beliefs, it all depends on the point of view and framework in which you operate.” He further explains that, “It is important for the various groups to have a voice while simultaneously synthesizing the different voices within their respective groups. This exercise leads us all into the right direction.

Given the differences from which they start, it makes it easier for them to get to the root of what they need, and by doing this, we get closer and closer to the solutions for their needs.” Mr. Rangan is not just a leader in innovation and technology.

He is a leader with both passion and inspiration for global unity, collaboration, and harmonization.

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