Top Two Priorities: CXO Perspectives

This video is a collection of snippets from various CXO’s talking about top priorities for data management in their respective organization. The reverberating theme and insight is about data quality, data integrity and data accuracy.

Scott Kahn, CIO, Illumina
Focus on improved Human Health with Richer Informatics and create a major impact using informatics on Oncology and Reproductive Biology.
Engage with Pharma for better therapeutic discovery; from a clinical perspective establish better protocol for each and every patient (personalized Medicine) and from a research perspective better cure for Malaria for example.

Ken Lawonn, CIO, Sharp Healthcare Systems
Leverage patient data and digital strategy to engage patients more effectively.
Integrate data sources and real time data to provide care and consumer engagement.

Mark Zecca, Transformation Leader, Schneider Electric
Better serve our customers by understanding how they use our products and help them with what they need to succeed in their respective industries, products, and services.
Internally conduct business smarter with better teamwork leveraging the systems and processes.

Shanji Xiong, Senior VP of Data Analytics, Experian
Our top priorities are to leverage the vast amounts of social media data for prediction and verification. The second priority is to leverage mobile location data for focused customer marketing.

Rick Hambrick, CIO, Leidos Health
We want to be creative about using business intelligence with IT services to provide additional value for our stake holders.

John Dohm, SVP of Operations, RealD
Provide access to quality information for better decisions and facilitating innovation to create new products and services.

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