Data Governance: CXO Perspectives

This video is a collection of snippets from various CXO’s talking about what it means Data Governance in their respective organization. The reverberating theme and insight is about data quality, data integrity and data accuracy.

Cassi Birnbaum, AHIMA Board Chair/President, AHIMA

On Data/Information Governance as applicable to Healthcare Information Systems:
Going from volume based medicine and healthcare to value based medicine and healthcare is huge and managing these large volumes of data to information and knowledge is critical and pivotal.
Information Governance Maturity Model is to make sure we the tools and benchmarks for the healthcare information systems to be effective in Information Governance.

Ken Lawonn, CIO, Sharp Healthcare Systems

On value added Data Governance:
There is a tremendous amount of both structured and unstructured data that can be harvested for treatment plans to leverage similar positive outcomes and the challenge of data governance is bringing together these different types of data for meaningful healthcare.
The diverse data sources like EMR (Electronic Medical Records), Genome data, continuous patient monitored data, physician’s textual data from patient review, etc. add another dimension to the data governance challenge.

Mark Zecca, Transformation Leader, Schneider Electric

On Data Governance in business transformation:
Many companies have a treasure trove of data on their products & services, customers, internal processes, vendors, and suppliers dispersed all over the organization and leveraging that to create new data, services and products to dramatically increase the ROI is the key.

Shanji Xiong, Senior VP of Data Analytics, Experian

On accuracy and security in Data Governance:
One of the greatest challenges in data governance is data validation that calls for reliable data with source traceability that is accurate and secure.

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